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Game design

The gaming market is a dynamic market place where the customer tastes and preferences quickly change and mature. The increased players’ expectations and games complexity impose higher requirements for the game graphics quality and technologies used. Graphics outsourcing has become a key word for the games industry. Together with Pixelhunters, we deliver all types of digital art content for the interactive entertainment industry including concept art, 3D modeling, and cinematics.

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More about what we do:

- Game concepts & game design document composing
- 3D character modeling , texturing and animation:
Any style: realistic, stylized, cartoon etc.
Any type: humans, monsters, robots, etc.


All types of rigging: bones, facial rigs, finger rigs, etc.
Next/past gen
High/low polygon
- 3D environmental modeling and texturing
- Short animation movies for games (Pre-rendered and/or in-game)
- Complete storyboards
- Animatics
- Visual effects
- Post effects